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Say ‘Good by’ to Freedom of the Press

It’s very obvious that our White House has declared war on Fox News because they do report the factual failings of the current administration — the stifling (or attempts at stifling) of opposing views — seems to me to be an important subject that is being avoided by most of those in the political center and the left of center. It reminds one of the reaction of the Jews in Germany pre-WWII: surely this cannot be happening … not here … not to us … not in this country. Obama’s approach of attacking the messenger and not the message includes the demonization of Gov Palin and beyond, but has really been ratcheted up lately. The response to the town hall meetings, marginalizing attendees as hitlerites who were not a representative sample of real Americans, is an example. And for the most part, the Main Stream Media has acted like all is well—which is why the White House loves them. Having had some success there, the Administration has upped the ante again, with one member of the Administration acknowledging that they intend to “vaporize” those who oppose the Administration’s policies and /br /Then, shock of shocks, when the White House announced that Fox News would be excluded from the White House News Pool (no longer able to be present for White House briefings) the entire News Pool stood up and resisted—and Fox can stay, at least for now. I expect that they will do little else to object as long as the Administration keeps feeding them individually. Freedom of the press—it’s one of the rights that we veterans fought for—and it’s under attack.

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