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Self-defense for women

You all know that I strongly support all citizens, including women, be armed; the world is dangerous and getting more so. There are those who disagree—and that’s fine. And, then, well, I’m not making this stuff up. In the past two months some politicians (why do we keep re-electing these people?) have offered this advice for women:
First it was the idiot Congressman from Colorado who says women should whistle if they are being attacked. His reason? Women might shoot the wrong person if they carry a firearm and besides, women don’t know for certain they are going to be raped. This guy likely also favors allowing women to be in close combat units. I guess that might be so they can whistle while men shoot the guns?
Others compound the idiocy saying that women should vomit on the attacker or, if unable to vomit on command, they should carry with them a bag of vomit ready to hurl at the attacker…and state legislators in 3 other states pick up the theme!
And just when you think it can’t get any more stupid, our Vice President offers this advice to women is to take a loaded shotgun outside and shoot it—watch the attached youtube.

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