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Shame on some media

Isn’t it funny how some people often excuse wrong doing on the grounds that some folks just cannot help how they act, that their socio-economic circumstances force them to do the vicious things they do. While they complain a lot about them, these strange people aren’t really concerned about accurately fixing blame or responsibility for events like the shooting in Tucson. No, these folks are really hoping to score political points. So Sarah Palin likes to shoot big game and you don’t like her politics; so, what you do is associate her with any kind of shooting, never mind the target. Or if conservative talk show hosts use some fancy verbiage to drive home a point, let’s treat what they say as if they could cause people to act criminally. By doing this, you might succeed in pointing fingers at political adversaries. The real target is to win the support of the people who are too ignorant to analyze overwhelming or tragic events. Shame on the Main Stream Media for using their power to manipulate facts instead of reporting the news.

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