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Frontlines of Freedom 05-11-2013 Show # 281 Hour 2

Rep. Mike Rogers Intel Cmte Chairman on the crisis on Syria, Captain Joe John, USN (Ret.) on the Benghazi attack & cover-up; US Army veteran Ian Carter & his book “The Deadliest Weapon”, and military news.

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on the crisis and risks in Syria
– Captain Joe John, USN/FBI (Ret.) Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress, discusses the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 in Benghazi, Libya and its cover-up
– Medal of Honor recipient stories
– Shootin’ The Bull w/ U.S. Army veteran Ian Carter, discussing his Vietnam War book, “The Deadliest Weapon
– Drop Report: Admiral Sam Locklear, Commander, U.S. Pacific Command for saying “climate change is the biggest threat in the Pacific.”
– Denny comes clean about his new addiction… to Duck Dynasty on A&E
– This week in military history
– NRA Armed Citizen report
– This week’s book giveaway is Ian Carter’s book on the Vietnam War, “The Deadliest Weapon
– Preview of next week’s show…

Hosted by
Josh Leng
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