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Frontlines of Freedom 06-29-2013 Show # 288 Hour 2

Ric Grenell talks Turkey & Syria, an update on the case of Army LTC Matthew Dooley, and getting to know Army 1SG Mike Jones.

– Foreign Policy Expert Ric Grenell on Turkey and Syria –
– Attorney Tom Lynch of the Thomas More Law Center –
with an update on LTC Matt Dooley’s case. Colonel Dooley’s career is being ruined as punishment for teaching an approved class at a war college, that included content on radical Islam.
– Medal of Honor recipient stories
– Shooting the Bull with U.S. Army 1SG Mike Jones
– Drop report on former Cleveland VA Medical Center Director charged with fraud
– Military History
– NRA armed citizen report
– This Week’s Book Giveaway: “Talking To Terrorists” by Dr. Anne Speckhard
– Preview of next week’s show…

Hosted by
Josh Leng
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