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Frontlines of Freedom 08-03-2013 Show # 293 Hour 2

Elliott Chodoff on life in Israel today, Clay Thomas of Officer’s Christian Fellowship, and “Shootin’ the Bull” with author and Marine Vietnam Veteran Phil Caputo.

– Elliott Chodoff, Israeli Reserve Officer, on life in Israel in light of on-going terrorist activities.
– Clay Thomas, Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF) shares about the beautiful resort, White Sulfur Springs, and the exciting (and relaxing) activities for military members and their families – a time of refreshing.
– Medal of Honor recipient stories
– “Shootin’ the Bull” with Marine Vietnam Veteran and author, Phil Caputo, on his fascinating road trip from Key West to northern Alaska, which he wrote about it his latest book, The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, from Key West to the Arctic Ocean.
– Drop Report
– Military History
– NRA armed citizen report
– This week’s book giveaway: The Longest Road by Phil Caputo
– Preview of next week’s show….

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