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Frontlines of Freedom 08-17-2013 Show # 295 Hour 1

Ambassador John Bolton on developments in Iraq and Afghanistan; Quang Nguyen of Patriot Network; military news, and Lt. Col. Gillem comments on the sexual assault problem in the military services today.

– Military News
– Comments by the Colonel on recent reports of persecution of males on active duty who are accused of sexual assault.
John Bolton, former US Representative to the UN, on the current state of affairs in Araq and Afghanistan – is it possible for radical Islamists to soon control both nations?
– Quang Nguyen – established the Patriot Network to honor the US Vietnam Veterans who risked their lives to preserve freedom in his home country. He is now an American citizen.
– Stand Tall Troop Report on General John “Jack” Deane, Jr., US Army (Retired) on his actions during the building of the Berlin Wall.

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