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Frontlines of Freedom 08-17-2013 Show # 295 Hour 2

Brigadier General Star Carey on real heroes; Capt. Mike Landers (Ret) of ASYMCA, on their work on military bases; and self-defense guru Craig Gray.

– Capt. Mike Landers, US Navy (Retired) is the President & CEO of Armed Services YMCA. They provide assistance to active duty young troops experiencing family or financial problems. Learn more & donate at:
Craig Gray, Instructor, on common self-defense tactics and that crucial “first step” of protection.
– Medal of Honor Recipient stories
– “Shootin’ the Bull” with Brigadier General Star Carey, US Army (Retired) – He feels the term “hero” should be reserved for those who actually performed heroic acts, and he is honored to be called a veteran.
– Drop Report – Is it possible the US Gov’t was not represented at the D-Day remembrance ceremonies at Normandy, France, this year for the first time in history?
– Military History
– NRA armed citizen report
– This Week’s Book Giveaway: They Just Don’t Get It: How the Washington Political Machine Is Still Compromising Your Safety–and What You Can Do About It, by Col. David Hunt, US Army (Retired)
– Preview of next week’s show….

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