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Frontlines of Freedom 09-14-2013 Show # 299 Hour 1

LTC Gillem reminds us of the Benghazi tragedy of one year ago. Talking Army Football…United States Military Acadamy(USMA), with Gordon Deal, the new home announcer for West Point football(Beat Navy!), and enlightening conversation with Ric Grenell on US/Mid-East policy.

– News; and Comment by the Colonel – Congress must hold accountable our leaders responsible for the death of our Ambassador and three others in the Benghazi, Libya, attack on 9/11/2012. Call to action: call your Congressmen and Senators.
– It’s Army (USMA) Football time with NY Giants announcer, Gordon Deal. He is now also the West Point home football announcer and appropriately has learned to end all football conversations with “BEAT NAVY”!
– Former spokesman for four US Ambassadors to the United Nations, Ric Grenell, discusses US Mid-East policy concerning developing events in Syria.
– Stand Tall Troop Report

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