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Frontlines of Freedom 09-28-2013 Show # 301 Hour 2

News and Comment by the Colonel; Maj. Jeremy Latchaw, Eagle Scout and combat veteran, on his book: American Patriotism Through the Eyes of an Eagle.

– News and Comment by the Colonel – Amid media accusations against the culture, morals, and character of our military, our military’s leaders seem to have surrendered the field.
– Maj. Jeremy Latchaw – The Eagle Scout and combat veteran takes his experiences in the Military and with the Boy Scouts of America to shed light on what it truly means to be an American Patriot and in turn make the US an even better place to live. Note: He also invites us to enjoy his new frozen yogurt shop: Orange Leaf in Grandville, Michigan – you will be glad you did!
– Drop Report
– ESGR Call to Action
– NRA Armed Citizen Report
– This week’s Book Giveaway: American Patriotism Through the Eyes of an Eagle, by Jeremy Latchaw.
– Preview of next week’s show…

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