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Frontlines of Freedom 10-19-2013 Show # 304 Hour 2

Army veteran and business executive Steven P. Tryon, on the importance of Congressional elections; Navy wife Sheryl Carter on great deals for military families!; Army veteran Tom Noreen on the impact of citizens participating in local government.

– Author, Army veteran, and business executive Steven P Tryon, shares why voting for one’s congressional representatives may be more important and powerful than voting for President. His book, Accountability Citizenship, explores this concept.
– Navy wife Sheryl Carter, Frontlines of Freedom’s queen of good deals, shares exciting on-line sources of discounts for military families!
– Medal of Honor Recipient stories
– “Shootin’ the Bull” with Army veteran and township supervisor Tom Noreen on the importance of citizen participation in local government
– Drop Report
– Military History
– NRA armed citizen report
– This week’s Book Giveaway: Accountability Citizenship by Steven P Tryon
– Next week on Frontlines of Freedom….

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