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Frontlines of Freedom 11-30-2013 Show # 310 Hour 2

Mike Maden, author and consultant on international conflict, discusses his action-packed novel: DRONE; LTC Peter Clark always brings entertaining discussion of books by contemporary military authors; LTC Gillem and Josh Leng with insights on Federal budget cuts potentially affecting our military and veterans; Country singer Chad Lee’s YouTube patriotic hit single, “High Horse.”

– Author Mike Maden – on his first novel: DRONE – an intense page-turning novel that is action-packed with cutting-edge technology and an unforgettable cast of characters
– LTC Peter Clark – a military author himself, shares about R.A. Mathis’ book: Ghosts of Babylon, concerning the war in Iraq
– Medal of Honor Recipients
– LTC Gillem and Josh Leng – insights on current and potential Federal budget cuts and the consequences for the military and veterans
– Country musician/songwriter Chad Lee’s YouTube hit, “High Horse”, his recent patriotic hit single release
– Drop Report
– NRA Armed Citizen Report
– Military History
– This Week’s Book Giveaway: DRONE, by Mike Maden
– Preview of next week’s program …

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