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Frontlines of Freedom 12-07-2013 Show # 311 Hour 2

Veteran Jessie Jane Duff on issues affecting our military; “Gender-neutral training” for the military? and Marine Sgt Chris Janson discusses Toy for Tots!

– Ret. Marine Gunnery SGT. Jessie Jane Duff, of Concerned Veterans for America on issues affecting the military and our country and how you can be involved to advocate for policies that will preserve the freedom and liberty that our veterans and their families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.
– Elaine Donnelly – Center for Military Readiness – adjusted standards in certain combat training programs involving policies that undermine morale and readiness in our military – should standards be the same for men and women?
– SGT. Chris Jansens (USMCR) on Toys for Tots and how you can share in the annual nation-wide distribution of Christmas toys for children!
– Drop Report
– Military History
– ESGR – Call to Action
– NRA Armed Citizen Report
– This Week’s Book Giveaway: Robert Kiyosaki: Unfair Advantage
– Preview of next week’s program …

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