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Frontlines of Freedom 02-01-2014 Show # 319 Hour 2

The book, BETRAYED, a breathtaking true story as told by a Navy Seal’s parents, Billy and Karen Vaughn; West Point graduate and Army veteran, Mike Francomb, on “RecruitMilitary”, an incredible nationwide employment resource for veterans and spouses.

– Billy and Karen Vaughn, the brave parents of a Navy Seal, share with us how their book, BETRAYED, gives a detailed account of a tragic incident involving the single largest loss of life of our elite special warriors — which could have been avoided. “A must-read, to help ensure that future administrations and military leadership places the safety and well being of our warriors first and foremost” says a former member of Congress.
– Mike Francomb, former West Point basketball player and Army veteran, of RecruitMilitary – The Mission: RecruitMilitary helps organizations excel by attracting, appreciating and retaining America’s best talent, its veterans. He shares that they provide to veterans and spouses resources and methods for job-finding, including: approx. 500,000 jobs posted daily by 4,000 companies, and direct recruiting by companies, resume writing service and career fairs. Find much more information at
– Drop Report
– Military History
– NRA Armed Citizen Report
– Book Giveaway: BETRAYED, by Billy Vaughn – True story of a Navy Seal tragedy
– Preview of next week’s program …

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