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Frontlines of Freedom 03-22-2014 Show # 326 Hour 1

Joining Col. Gillem this hour are Steve Rotkoff of the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, and former fighter pilot and POW, General John Borling (USAF, ret).

– News and Comment by the Colonel
– Steve Rotkoff – Univ. of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies – Mr. Rotkoff explains the history and role of the University in training members of the US military.
– Gen. John Borling – former fighter pilot, highly decorated retired Air Force Major General Borling served worldwide in high level command and staff positions. During the Vietnam War he was shot down by ground fire. Seriously injured, he was captured while trying to evade and spent over 6 1/2 years as a Prisoner of War in Hanoi, North VietNam. He currently serves in leadership positions in multiple civic and business organizations, and is the author of the nationally acclaimed book, Taps on the Walls. Gen. Borling founded SOS America (Service Over Self), a patriotic organization advocating military service for America’s young men age 18-26. (

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