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Frontlines of Freedom 04-12-2014 Show # 329 Hour 2

Navy spouse Whitney Pipkin on weight-related issues that keep young people from serving; Frontlines of Freedom’s self-defense “guru” Craig Gray on empowerment skills in dangerous group situations; Army veteran Ryan DeBoer.

– Navy spouse, writer, editor Whitney Pipkin – on childhood obesity – Weight-related medical issues are now the #1 factor keeping young people from serving in the military.
– Speaker, conflict-resolution trainer Craig Gray – defense skills in life-threatening situations
– Medal of Honor Recipient Stories
– “Shootin’ the Bull” – with Ryan DeBoer – Army veteran and current college student
– DROP Report
– Military History
– NRA – Citizen Report
– This Week’s Book Giveaway: J.E. Bandy’s Guardians of Honor: The Plebes
– Preview of next week’s program …

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