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Frontlines of Freedom 07-19-2014 Show # 343 Hour 1

USO entertainer, and star of Sullivan & Son, comedian Steve Byrne joins us; From “Got Your 6” veteran and managing director Chris Marvin on veteran empowerment; AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report.

– Military News

– Comment by the Colonel

Comedian Steve Byrne – As a big supporter of US Troops, Steve has headlined several USO tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan and Guam, and promotes the positive portrayal of veteran characters on television and in films.

– Chris Marvin – wounded veteran and director of “Got Your 6” on the subject of veteran empowerment: bridging the civilian-military divide. He focuses on 6 key Pillars of veteran reintegration…with nonprofit partners establishing tangible and measurable goals to demonstrate that veterans are Leaders and Assets in our communities. Check out

– Host/Co-host discussion of Got Your 6 – veteran empowerment – going beyond “veteran charity”

– AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report

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