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Frontlines of Freedom 10-18-2014 Show # 356 Hour 1

News/Comment; Jim Dolan, Healer Warrior Initiative; Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ; Ken Kirsh, Vetdogs Project; AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report

– News and Comment

– Mr. Jim Dolan – of the Healer Warrior Initiative: teaching natural, non-invasive therapies for post-traumatic stress — once a degree of physical healing begins, a person is in a much better position to address the psychological and emotional wounds of war —

– Mr. Jordan Sekulow – Executive Director, American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), co-author: The Rise of ISIS – — Twitter @JordanSekulow

– Mr. Ken Kirsh – of – experienced Army dog handler for 2 Presidential Inaugurations, 6 yrs overseas, USO Tours, among many other assignments – “Vetdogs” trains and provides service dogs at no cost for disabled veterans and First Responders with customized training for the individual disability – works with the Guidedog Foundation.

– AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report

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