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Frontlines of Freedom 01-03-2015 Show # 367 Hour 1

**Special Program**! “Women in Combat” Women on a Navy SEAL team? Co-ed combat? Is it wise for the U.S. Armed Forces to allow women to fight in close combat units?

– Comments by LTC Gillem – Women in close combat units? Women can handle combat; an issue is at the top of the military’s mission: combat readiness and effectiveness

– Summary of the Pentagon’s position on allowing females to fight in close combat units – CWO Roland Ashby (USCG)

– A lively give and take on the topic, Pro and Con – with LTC Gillem, Roland Ashby, and Skip Coryell

– Expert opinion based on history and research on the topic – Elaine Donnelly, Founder and President, Center for Military Readiness

– Further insights – CSM Doug Greenway (USA,ret) and SEAL CAPT Larry Bailey (USN,ret)

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