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Frontlines of Freedom 01-03-2015 Show # 367 Hour 2

“Women in Combat” Hour 2; Chaplain(COL)Herm Keizer; Sue Fulton; combat-experienced Capt. Katie Petronio; Your hosts on the effects of physical strength, hygiene, pregnancy in close combat situations.

– 1980 graduate of West Point, Sue Fulton, a member of the first West Point class to admit women – on working to make the US Armed Forces more inclusive

– Chaplain (COL) Herm Keizer(USA,ret) – on concerns about the wisdom of women in close combat units, but is willing to “wait and see”

– Marine Capt. Katie Petronio – a combat engineer officer and member of a Female Engagement Team working with an Infantry platoon — the issue is not inability, but her own deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan show that women’s bodies wear out faster than men’s under intense physical demands

– LTC Gillem summarizes comments by a retired female Air Force Sgt – on yes, “mission accomplishment first” but she has no concerns about women’s ability to function professionally in close combat units

– Denny and co-hosts Roland and Skip on the role of physical strength, hygiene, and pregnancy for women in close combat roles

– Analysis and Summary

– Preview of next week’s program …

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