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Frontlines of Freedom 03-21-2015 Show # 378 Hour 2

With us this hour are Brandon Coleman of the Phoenix, AZ. VA Medical Center; Army Brigadier General and author A.J. Tata.

– Brandon Coleman – Addiction therapist, VA Medical Center, reports on his recent meeting with the VA Secretary

– Army Brigadier General (ret). and author A.J. Tata – an avid supporter of veterans’ issues – on his distinguished military career and recent book release – his February, 2015 release will include the beginning of a new series starting with his latest novel, “Foreign and Domestic”, available now on

– Mailbag

– Military History

– Self Defense Report – By Co-host Skip Coryell

– This week’s book giveaway: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In – by Louis Zamperini

– Preview of next week’s program …

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