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Frontlines of Freedom 05-02-2015 Show # 384 Hour 2

WWII veteran Virgil Wesdale, a Dachau liberator; Army veteran Jerry Flannigan of J-Dog Junk Removal;
AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report; Darin Estep of Volunteers of America;

– WWII Veteran Virgil Westdale – Mr. Westdale on his incredible experience as his unit helped liberate the prisoners held at the Dachau prison in Germany 70 years ago this month.

– Army veteran and entrepreneur Jerry Flannigan – J-Dog Junk Removal’s mission isn’t limited to hauling junk: the growing franchise business, founded by Jerry, is also dedicated to providing business opportunities solely to veterans and military family members.

– AMVETS Stand Tall Troop Report

– Mr.Darin Estep – Director of Community Engagement for Volunteers of America (VOA) – a nationwide organization meeting the many challenges facing military veterans –

– Mailbag

– Military History

– Brandon Coleman – VA update

– Self-defense Report – with Maine veteran, Co-host Skip Coryell

– Book Giveaway: “Saltwater Leadership” by Robert Ray

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