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Frontlines of Freedom 05-09-2015 Show # 385 Hour 2

Join current Ms. Veteran America, Kimberly Wolfganger, and Ms. Veteran America director Denyse Gordon on the amazing work of MVA; Jim Cassidy/Don Alsboro on exciting upcoming Lest We Forget weekend.

– Denyse and Kimberly – on the Ms. Veteran America competition, highlighting “the woman beyond the uniform.” Ms. Veteran America is also a role model, empowering young women and girls to support, inspire and lift-up one another.
Proceeds from this event provide housing for homeless women Veterans and their children. Women Veterans are currently the fastest growing homeless population in America.

– Jim Cassidy and Don Alsboro – on the annual event in June, Lest We Forget (LWF), a celebration of America’s military greatness – this year honoring Viet Nam veterans – living history events, concerts and more held in St. Joseph-Battle Creek, MI.

– Mailbag

– Military History

– Self-Defense Report – with Marine veteran and Co-host Skip Coryell

– Brandon Coleman – VA update report

– Book Giveaway: “The Warrior’s Soul” by authors, Jerry Boykin and Stu Weber

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