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Frontlines of Freedom 01-20-2024 Show # 839 Hour 2

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  • Great show
    As a veteran that went to Panama several times and from ft. Sherman , Rodman navel station Howard AFB.
    First time 1987 last time in uniform 1995
    Have been at both ends and the middle. After retiring in 2007
    I always wanted to go though the canal.
    In 2016 the wife and I took a cruise through the canal
    Sad to see that China built a huge canal that we didn’t!
    The 13 military bases there that I thought was a huge asset and were much like a tropical paradise for a combat engineer from Missouri to go build roads and bridges schools and clinics.
    Wish we still had control over the canal. Too bad that China’s playing the long game and we are not!
    Thanks for what you do.

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