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Sometimes you just can’t trust mothers

Stationed in Iraq, Senior Airman Cody Noble was doing his job. Then one day his supervisor told him to report to his office in uniform. Noble, being a normal serviceman, thought that he was in some kind of trouble, though he couldn’t remember doing anything wrong—lately. His boss, Staff Sgt Brown then took him to the dining facility; this really confused /The he thought that maybe he was going to get recognized for some volunteer work. When he got there, around the corner came an Army Sergeant First Class—who was his mother. She was in country for a few days. Noble hadn’t seen his mother in nearly 18 month. They embraced while the service members in the mess hall applauded. Noble had time to give his mother a short tour of the base before her party departed. She could have told him she was coming; sometimes you just can’t trust mothers.

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