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Standing With Our Police

Our nation is under attack from without—that’s ISIS and friends, and from within—that’s the cop-killing scum from Black Lives Matter and their allies and followers. We’d better all act to get both under control quite soon or we’ll all be in a real hurt from which we may not be able to recover.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely believe that Black-lives matter. I have three younger sisters; two of them married Black guys. While both of my Black brothers-in-law have died, from natural causes, when my family gets together about half of us are Black. I love my nieces and nephews, and their lives matter very much to me.

So, how do we keep Black people alive? Well, young Black men have a very high risk of being killed prematurely. And the cause of this pre-mature death? Well, 93% of young Black males are killed by—other young Black males. About two and one-half percent are killed by police–most for valid reasons.

In 2012 White males, who compose 38% of the nation’s population committed about 4600 murders. Black males who compose 6.5% of the population committed just over 5500 murders. So, in round numbers, a black male is five-times more likely to commit a murder than a white guy. I won’t dwell on a major cause, that the vast majority of young black men today grow up in single-parent families with little discipline, little respect for authority, and no father-figure.

One last set of stats: for four years, from 2009 to 2012, Black men killed 4472 other Black men. During that period law-enforcement killed 112 Black males. And, no, the number being killed by police is not increasing.

So, given the fact that a Black male is five times more likely to commit a murder—not to mention other crimes, would not our police be irresponsible if they didn’t keep their eyes on them? I mean, we hire our police to prevent and deal with crime, right?

So, if the Black Lives Matters leadership—who I consider domestic terrorists, really wanted to help Black people stay alive—a great place to start would be to deal with the broken homes and fatherless kids growing up and with the resulting death of black-males by black-males. If they took that focus, I’d support them 100%. But they won’t even mention these deaths.

One of the themes or chants of Black Lives Matters is “Hands Up; don’t shoot.” This comes from the incident in Ferguson where it was alleged that Michael had his hands up, surrendering, when he was shot by the policeman. This has been proved over and over again to be a total lie—even by our very unjust Department of Justice. Yet their movement continues to focus on this total lie.

Another theme is killing cops. “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now!” And they have pig-roasts to focus on killing cops, or pigs as they call them. Is there any way at all that such a group can be anything but a terrorist organization? Help me here. This is clearly a terrorist group and nothing else. Right?

Yet, this group, whose theme is based on a lie and whose action focus is ignoring the real problems of their communities and focused on killing our police is welcomed to and praised by our White House. Can you see how this can bring an end to civilization as we know it? Who in the world would want to be a police officer in a nation like this? And what do we do if we don’t have police—or not enough of them?

While not our military’s brothers and sisters in arms, our police officers are certainly our first-cousins in valor. Each day they go out to put their lives on the line to protect people they don’t even know. Yes, it’s true that cops make mistakes. They have their fair share of jerks and even good and great people have bad days and make mistakes. So, yes, occasionally cops do act inappropriately—but it’s rare, and in most cases the officer who made the mistake is dealt with. And as we close-combat veterans know, in a potentially life-and-death situation decisions have to be made in a micro-second—and then you have to live with the consequences.

Folks, while not all individuals who are involved with Black Lives Matter are terrorists, the leaders surely are. They have the same goal as ISIS—the destruction of American society. They are evil; they are the enemy.

Finally, in America, we military folks can’t be involved in domestic law enforcement. So, the troops that are protecting us from all kinds of criminals including terrorists are our law-enforcement officers; they are the front-line troops is this part of our war. If we allow them to be murdered, run-off, bound by impossible rules before arresting or using force, it is we citizens who will be the losers.

Troops, don’t just stand up for and with our police. Absolutely demand that all levels of government call terrorists by their real name and see that they get dealt with promptly and with appropriate force, and, most of all, that this happens soon. Our very lives depend on it.

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