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The Sunday evening talk by the Prez

How can I not address our president’s talk to the nation last Sunday evening? The implications for our nation’s security are overwhelming.

First, it’s clear that our president is much more concerned about advocating for the Muslims in this world than he is about welfare of the citizens of the USA. He was a spokesman for Islam—telling us what it is and what it stands for and how ISIS is not related to it. When you add to this the fact that his Attorney General has said that she’d be persecuting anyone who spoke negatively about Muslims—a totally unconstitutional and wildly inappropriate statement that should have gotten her fired immediately, you can see a pattern. Oh, yes, she has back-pedaled a little; someone apparently read her the first amendment giving us the right to free speech, but she’s still wildly pro-Muslim. I note that neither the president nor the Attorney General were concerned when the head of the, I believe it was the Texas branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR, stated clearly that as a Muslim he must place the US Constitution subordinate to Shira Law—no condemnation from the AG or President here—but both these government officials took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, yet they seemingly encourage Muslims to subordinate it to Shira Law—how can that be? Anyway, at no time has either the Prez nor the AG expressed concern for the safety of US citizens. And, I would suggest that the primary reason for any government anywhere is to provide for the safety of their citizens.

For the record, CAIR is a named, unindicted, co-conspirator involved in funding Islamist terrorist groups. CAIR also has a number of members in high places in our federal government.

The prez said our plan to defeat ISIS is to keep doing what we’re doing over there. Well, until the Russians started doing some serious bombing there was nothing serious hurting ISIS. Even now they’re still doing quite well.

By the way, earlier this month the Russian military produced an impressive array of evidence that clearly shows that ISIS oil is being smuggled into Turkey on an industrial scale. The evidence included photographs taken by satellite and during aerial reconnaissance missions. What the Russians have shown the world is extremely compelling, and it raises some very disturbing questions. First of all, how involved is the Turkish government in all of this? There is no way in the world that an endless parade of trucks carrying ISIS oil could have marched through Turkish border checkpoints without government approval. That’s an easy answer—Turkey is a state supporter of ISIS; when is the last time you heard our government mention that—right-never. Next question, what did Obama know and when did he know it? Our military has far better surveillance capabilities than the Russians do, and so it seems absolutely absurd to suggest that our prez didn’t know what was going on.

So, it’s clear that we’re not being told even a portion of the truth by our government when it comes to dealing with ISIS in the Mideast or here in the US. Maybe that’s why the president’s comments about what we’re doing about ISIS was such a short part of his talk.

The bulk of his speech was involved in calling all cautious Americans racists and attacking our second amendment rights.

If we’re going to talk about gun violence, then let’s make it clear that virtually every event of a shooter causing multiple injuries or deaths have occurred in—yes—gun-free zones. Many folks, including yours truly, call such places “murder enhancement zones.” If I were wanting to kill a bunch of people and wanted to survive the event wouldn’t I want to go someplace where I’d be the only one with a gun? That logic seems to hold—that’s where mass shootings take place—including the most recent one in San Bernadino County in California. And, it’s worthy of note, that California has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation regarding the possession and use of firearms by citizens—and it made zero difference. In case it’s not obvious why this is true—it’s because the criminals don’t obey laws—that’s what makes them criminals, you see. The other really foolish point I’ve heard lately is that if guns weren’t available in the stores, then no one would have any. Right—that’s why there is no crack, heroin, or other illegal drugs anywhere in the US—right? Oops—that stuff is available on almost every street corner.

And while I know that this is of little importance to the folks in Washington, there is the little matter of the second amendment to our Constitution. We citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. And, given the full and proper expectation that there will be more terrorist mass shootings in the US, it would be wise for all of us to follow the advice of many city police chiefs—that we start going armed. Folks, there is no virtue in being a victim.

Folks, while our national leadership is floundering around claiming to be doing something, ISIS is well focused. There will be more terrorists attacks by Islamists in the US. It has begun. If you’re not armed and trained in the proper use of firearms, now is the time to get started. We, the people, need to be ready to defend ourselves.

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