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Terrorism coming to the USA

I heard something yesterday that really excited me. I’ve been saying for years that if the US withdraws from Iraq/Afghanistan before the area is stable, then within a year we will have active terrorism in the US; that was one of my points on last Sunday’s show. This consistent with all my studying and experience–but no one else has ever menioned it. I really thought I was loosing /br /Monday I was at the kickoff for the Michigan Veterans for McCain event in Grand Rapids. The primary speaker was Jack Jackson, a retired USMC Colonel aviator, a highly decorated Vietnam vet. He said that he was at a briefing at the Pentagon (not a classified one) and they shared that prisoner debriefings make it clear that the terrorists’ intent is to carry the fight to the US once we leave the Mid-east. I wonder why that’s never been in the media. I plan to have Col Jackson as a guest on FoF.

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