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Terrorists on civilian airliners

Let’s see. Virtually every (not all) people who have been involved in any way with a terrorist assault on a civilian aircraft have, to my knowledge, been male, of Arab background, Muslims, with “Muslim” names, traveling from countries with a strong Muslim presence. I think that these are facts; I don’t think that I’m biased against males, arabs, or Muslims. Just using the logic process that was part of the goal of my engineering education at West Point, I think it would be logical to say that all security people at airports should be taking a long, careful look at all arab, male, Muslims–every time they show up. Perhaps our nation, and all the world’s civilized nations, should make a public statement to the world, apologizing to the 95-99% of the world’s Muslims who are not radical, but explaining the statistics and announcing that henceforth all folks who are or could be arab, male, Muslims are going to get the “works” at all airports. I’m afraid that this is too logical to ever be done.

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