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Thank You American Muslims

Depending on what resource you read, somewhere between 1% and 10% of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims support the terrorist approach to life. The odds are pretty good that in America’s Muslim population there are very, very, very few of the terrorist persuasion. Assuming I’m right, I have long wondered where the pro-American Muslims are when the terrorists do their thing; why, I wonder, aren’t they out protesting to the world that these idiot terrorists do not speak or act for them or for their religion. br /br /Well, it happened–and I hope we’ll see more of this. As I read my morning paper today there was a picture of Muslim protesters marching outside the Federal Court House in Detroit where the “underwear bombler” was entering his “not guilty” plea. The protesters were carrying the American flag and signs stating that “Islam is against terrorism.” I’m proud of these Americans who happen to be Muslim; I stand with them. Religions should not be allowed to be hijacked by a bunch of extremists; I’m happy that the normal people are fighting back.

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Denny Gillem
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