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The American Civil War

On 9 April 1865, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union Gen. Ulysses Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. This effectively ended the American Civil War. There were still Confederate units that hadn’t surrendered, but the war was wrapped up shortly. My concern for our nation is the Civil War we seem to be in now. It sort of the Red States vs the Blue States–or maybe, more accurately, conservatives vs liberals. But we seem to be in a take-no-prisoners mode. The other side is demonized–when most on both sides are good, faithful Americans–who differ in what is best for our nation.

We need to end name-calling. It’s okay to disagree on one or more policies with someone–but you don’t have to demean their humanity. Honest people can disagree. I’m suggest that when a person resorts to name calling it’s because the name-caller has nothing valid to say and is just plain hateful–just the kind of person we want to ensure never holds public office. Every time I hear the put-downs (like: idiot, baby-killer, racist, un-American, sold-out) aimed at a person I take careful note.

It’s okay for good Americans to disagree on policy issues. Strong debate is good for our nation. But name-calling? Everyone of those jerks needs to be out of office–now.

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