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The Bully spoke last night

The term “Bully Pulpit” was coined by President Teddy Roosesvelt, who referred to the White House as a “bully pulpit”, or a terrific platform from which to advocate an agendum. In a church, a pulpit is often a place where a message is shared to the faithful, at least some of which has to be taken by faith.

The final presidential debate showed President Obama using his status as president as a vehicle to act as a bully, proclaiming things to be true that weren’t, attacking and belittling his opponent, and generally acting as a bully. Romney, wisely, didn’t reply in kind.

Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea of the truth of most matters and are likely to believe “in faith” the words spoken in the debate. Mr. Romney did respond several times that Mr. Obama’s attacks on him did not provide any details about how Mr. Obama planned to make America any better—but Romney spoke in a polite, mature way, rather than ranting as did the president.

I have no idea how anyone could take seriously Obama’s statement that we have a great relationship with Israel—after we threw them under the bus during the meeting of the UN. No senior US official was present when the Israeli Prime Minister spoke, and the president refused to meet with him while he was in the US—those slaps in the face were very obvious to the world.

What happened in Bengazi, Lybia, when our ambassador was killed is slowly coming out. What is not coming out is why the White House refused to share the truth for 9 days. There are many more issues.

The list goes on. Obama apparently wanted to show he could beat his chest and act aggressively. He seemed to have as his only goal throwing enough mud at Romney in the hope that someone would believe him. I was embarrassed that our President could act so poorly. I would have liked to see Romney to act more aggressively, but I suppose he felt that someone there had to act like an adult—and he did.

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