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The Constitution is Gone

Obama got caught with his hand overreaching, as it were, into the cookie jar of religious liberties when he ordered the Catholic Church, among others, to provide birth control and abortion services to their employees. Had to pull back quickly when it was smacked hard by Timothy Dolan, Roman Catholic Cardinal designate, and others who know a thing or two about history and the Constitution.

Obama now says, no problem — the heavy hand of government will instead simply require private insurance companies to deliver contraceptives, etc, free of charge, if they want to stay in business.
Now these companies don’t have quite the same protections as any church, and nowhere near the political clout of the Catholic Church, but how exactly does THAT work in a free society: to simply order a private company to provide its goods or services for free? Not that they will, of course, they’ll raise their premiums. This is something like the federal government telling us what kind of light bulbs we can and cannot have—of course that would never happen!

This kind of uncontrolled government overreach and intrusion is what so many people are worried about with this administration. Or should we just shrug and say, all this is just more of what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said we would have to pass Obamacare to learn what’s in it? This literally wildly out of control federal government is exactly what Tea Party and other groups are committed to end. Folks, it’s time to take our government back, and we’d better do it quickly.

We military types took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the US—but our Constitution is being totally ignored. We need to return to being a Constitutional Republic.

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