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The end of Obama’s presidency?

A US Army major, Stefan Cook, received orders to Afghanistan. Cook believes that President Obama is not a native-born American citizen—and the US Constitution requires that presidents be native born citizens. All President Obama has to do is release his birth certificate, which is said to be in the possession of State of Hawaii officials—but he hasn’t been willing to do so—neither, incidentally, will he release his college /Cook filed a lawsuit stating that since Mr. Obama can not legally be the US President then he can not legally order any military person to do anything. I fully expected that Major Cook would be told to obey his orders or face a court martial. Of course, a court martial would permit Cook to demand to see Mr. Obama’s real, official birth /And this week Major Cook got…. his orders revoked—he’s not going to Afghanistan. Cook’s attorney says that now any service member may refuse any order by simply questioning Obama’s legitimacy. Could this be the beginning of the end of this administration? Stay tuned.

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  • Hello. br /You have currently tought us in class that the media is ninety percent wrong. You say that you do not like the media for many reasons. One of them being becuase they could have killed some of your men. But you also believe that they do not tell the /You ARE the media. How do you justify what you are doing with these blogs and your radio station? That is all media. You contribute to the very thing you said to our class that you /Its quite confusing.

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