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The front page of the Washington Post today shows a bearded, long-haired hippie guy tackling a uniformed policeman from behind as a flower-child lady looks on approvingly. Below the photo is the caption for the story, “Obama looks to harness anti-Wall St. angst.” This is very likely the left’s answer to the Tea Party movement. Left or right politically, folks reasonably don’t like the situation our nation is in now—and those who care (on the right and left) are doing something about it.

In today’s Grand Rapids Press is an article about the “Occupy Grand Rapids” activities (which are minimal). The pastor of a theologically liberal church (who supports the protestors) is quoted as saying, “They’re angry at the very same things that anger the tea party, but they’re pointing the finger not at the evils of government but the evils of the very wealthy.” I think that really hits the nail on the head.

As pretty much a Tea-Party guy myself, I think that the problem is with “we, the people” who have paid no attention to our government during the fat years and we let it get over extended and assume way too much power. In my opinion, blaming the wealthy is saying that we want to keep the big government with all the benefits it gives to people who don’t contribute–but it has to be someone’s fault, so the problem is the wealthy.

Was it Winston Churchill who said that the problem with socialism is that at some point you run out of other people’s money? The challenge facing our Republic today is that our government is too big, too powerful, and has definitely expanded much further than our US Constitution permits. The answer is getting the federal government under control, reducing its size and influence, and getting rid of activist judges and justices—so that we can live under the Constitution, as written (and amended). The Declaration of Independence declares our goal is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This gives us the right to get out there and work and make a life—and pursue whatever will make us happy. It does not suggest a Jessie Jackson guarantee $40 grand a year income, regardless of effort—it does not guarantee happiness, only the right to pursue it.

Tea Party types, the left has just added credibility to our efforts. Let’s stay focused and keep moving.

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