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As the government in Washington rushes to spend trillions of dollars it doesn’t have, the IRS isbr /doing its part to pinch every last penny from American taxpayers. In my birthplace of Sacramento, two IRS agents recently showed up at Harv’s Metro Car Wash to demand payment of 4 cents in back taxes from 2006. Well, 4 cents before taxes and penalties, that is. All told,br /the pennies debt had accrued an additional $202.31, leaving the owner with $202.35 in payment /br /Oh, yeah, the feds came calling after the IRS issued a letter last October stating Harv’s “has filed all required returns and addressed any balances due.” Not surprisingly, the IRS refused to comment on the issue, citing “privacy and disclosure laws.”br /br /Although he complained that the IRS agents “didn’t even get a car wash” during their visit,br /the owner nonetheless noted the humor in the situation. “It’s hilarious that two people hoppedbr /in a car and came down here for just 4 cents. I think [the IRS] may have a problem withbr /priorities.” Sounds like Washington to me. And Obama’s new Healthcare Bill enlarges and givesbr /more power to–yup, the IRS. br /br /I have an idea. Let’s go to a Fair Tax, greatly reduce the size of the IRS and let’s increase thebr /size of our military so all our brave troops can get a break from back to back to back tours.

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