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The Marines are right

There’s much political pressure from the White House to allow gays to serve openly in our military. Gays can serve now under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy–but they can not be openly gay or they can be /br /The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James Conway stated that even if the ban on openly-gay people serving in the military is lifted, he would draw the line at forcing heterosexual Marines to bunk with gays. “We want to continue [two-person rooms], but I would not ask our Marines to live with someone who is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it.”br /br /If a soldier is assigned to live with another soldier it’s pretty clear that neither should be in danger of being “hit on” by his/her roommate. This is true for everyone; it’s doubly true for our military; and it’s ten-times that for our military when we’re at war. Keep your social experiments away from our military!

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