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The MRAP All Terrain Vehicle

The MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle, a tougher, more rugged vehicle is now be seen on the roads in Afghanistan. Designed for small unit combat ops, the M-ATV features a V-shaped hull that helps deflect roadside-bomb explosions away from its crew. The vehicle’s design also delivers more comfort to the crew, as well as safety from different blast angles. Sporting an extended wheel base, the M-ATV keeps its crew a safe distance away from pressure plate IEDs, many of which are designed to detonate when tires roll over them.The M-ATV is not only mine, ballistic and IED resistant, it can roll through the desert without all the bumps encountered with the humvee. Most soldiers will welcome the comfort, but many will also be excited about the power. Sporting a 7.2-liter diesel engine, the M-ATV can reach 30 miles per hour in less than 11 seconds, despite weighing more than 25,000 pounds. The vehicle also tackles terrain at speeds the humvee could not, even when going up steep inclines. Another step forward in protecting our troops.

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