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The “Official” Benghazi Report

The official Benghazi attack report is incredibly insufficient—in my not-very-humble-opinion. How many dollars did this thing cost us taxpayers? You’d never guess; the “fault” is assigned to un-named “certain” senior leaders in two bureaus and never even acknowledges that they work for the Secretary of State. Nowhere are the communications between Stevens and Clinton acknowledged. There is no listing of the people involved, who were interviewed, who were not interviewed, or a definition of the role of the CIA in Benghazi, etc.
What a waste of time and paper! The recommendations are almost laughable. The closest thing they get to is saying the funding for the “Special Mission” was inadequate. One thing that was new to me is that this was Stevens first visit to Benghazi since he departed more than a year earlier and the facility was headed by temporary-duty personnel in 10-day to a couple months duration since then. No interviews were made of any of those people as to what they did there. This is insulting to any thinking person. I have no respect for anyone, especially a governmental employee, who would publish such junk. I don’t recommend that you waste your time reading this junk.

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  • Dear Colonel,

    Joined your show show late this evening and heard you addressing the Benghazi fail. You were saying that we could’ve sent F16s from an Italian base and been on-target in a couple-three hours. Were you reading something, or something you wrote? Where could I get a copy. It sounded like what I’ve been in search of for awhile.

    Thanks, and I love your show.

    Robert Regula
    1969 – ’72 USN
    HM3 3rd Mar Div 12th MArines

  • Robert: I got this information in the form of an article pasted on an email from a West Point classmate. The author is a retired AF officer, wing commander.

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