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The opposite of love

I spent some time this afternoon at a large, local sports show. There were lots and lots of people there happily looking at boats, fishing rods, and other good things. I was there because a friend of mine, Mike Cox, is running for governor of Michigan; Mike is a former marine and is very pro-gun, so he had a booth there. I was there working the booth. I was asking folks to take a minute and care about the horrible condition of our state and nation. Way too many of them showed no interest at all. br /br /The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. I’m hoping that the indifference I saw today is not indicative of a greater indifference to our nation–but I fear that it is. Our nation is more at risk now–from our government–than at an time that I can remember. It will take America’s citizens to get aware, get active, and elect people who want to retain the republic that is the United States of America. I don’t trust either party; we must elect folks who will read bills before they vote for them and who want a smaller, less intrusive national /br /America needs her people to love her. I wonder if they do.

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