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The State of our military in 2014

I’m very, very worried about the state of the US military as we go into 2014. Our military is undergoing a large number of changes, the net result of virtually all of them is to down grade the combat readiness of our military. This means that all the fine people who have volunteered to serve in our military are at much greater risk—and for us to put our soldiers at increased risk for no good reason is horrible! And, of course, we’re putting our nation at greater risk, too.

Yes, our military is being downsized as we pull out of the Mideast. The war there was not won—it was lost. We never declared war on anyone, although it was the leaders and adherents of Radical Islam that were the ones fighting us—as well as the ones killing their fellow citizens who didn’t agree with them. So, by pulling out, we’re quitting—they won; we lost again.

We waged the war, especially this time in Afghanistan, very poorly; perhaps it was never win-able, by our standard. The current Afghan leaders are corrupt losers—and everyone knows it; yet, we’re letting our troops fight and die for no apparent reason—because we’re leaving and everyone knows it. Since we’re leaving—let’s leave now, before another American dies there. Yes, it would be good if we could leave a combat force in the area, but we blew the opportunity to do so in Iraq—where we cut and ran. Afghanistan would be okay, but not at the cost of more dead troops. This marks us as losers—not a nation to be respected. A nation not respected will be attacked much more frequently.

As we just discussed, for over a decade the only people we’ve been in combat with are the followers of, yes, radical Islam. These folks, best personified by the Muslim Brotherhood, but come in different sub groups.

Why won’t we name the enemy and go after them wherever they are—as we did in WWII? One thing is for sure—you can’t beat an enemy if you won’t name him. But we’re afraid to say that a part of Islam is the enemy—that wouldn’t be politically correct. At the risk of over simplifying things here’s my insight on Islam.

By Muslim tradition, the Quran was dictated to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel over about 40 years. The first about 9 years of the writings are very peaceful. They include such guidelines like if a Muslim man marries a Christian or Jewish woman, she will not have to convert—because Christians and Jews are people-of-the Book. The next about 30 years includes the very war-like guidance, like death to all infidels. So there are contradictions. The peace-loving Muslims take the perspective that when there are contradictions, the earlier writings take precedence. The Jihadists say the later writing prevails. So, both groups are following the Quran—neither are perverting or warping their faith.
The Jihadists should be named our enemy—as they state at every opportunity they are dedicated to the destruction of the US and Israel. Not only will we not call them enemies, but members of Muslim Brotherhood groups have senior positions in our government! Yes, we’re at serious risk from this.

As I’ve discussed often in the past months, the forced inclusion of women in close combat units requires that the units and their training be less effective—thus the troops will be more at risk the next time they go down range. If women are as physically capable as men—then why aren’t there any women playing the line—or anywhere—in the NFL? Trust me, it’s tougher being a SEAL or an Army Ranger than it is to play football.

Why is there a Woman’s NBA? Why are there men’s and women’s sports in the Olympics? Because, News Flash! Men are different than women—especially so in sustained, hard, prolonged exertion, as combat can require.
And that ignores Sexual tension. Trust me on this; boys like girls and vice versa. And sexual tension will destroy the band-of-brothers syndrome that makes our military units great. Both Russia, during WWII, and Israel have tried putting men and women in combat units—and ended the practice; both successfully used all-female units, however.

Speaking of sexual tension, being an openly gay military has increased that, too. But for the most part it’s manifested in male on male rape—there are more males being sexually assaulted in our military today than females.
Speaking of rape, yes, the boys-like-girls thing works here, too. It’s not worse than in civilian communities, but, despite the military’s great attempts to do so, it can’t be educated out of people. And in today’s military for a male to even be accused of sexual abuse by a female—we’ll he’s virtually guilty until proven innocent.

And as we’ll discuss on our first show of next year, a huge number of seasoned military officers have been fired in the past 5 years. And it’s my guess that they were fired because they were leaders of principal and would not enforce the Politically Correct junk that our current administration is forcing on our military. So the leaders remaining in senior positions in our military—are the ones who gave in to keep their rank. Does this sound like a well led military? Nope.

As I said, our military is at great risk. We need to pray for our troops, and get politically active to get them some concerned leaders.

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