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This will be a long war

Before anyone starts deciding just what it will take for us to win in Afghanistan and come home, remember the war in Iraq isn’t over yet. Yes, the Iraqi military and government are doing much better and have taken on much of their own self defense—much, but not all. The bad guys are still there and still have a lot of bite br /Just this week in a series of coordinated attacks they struck Baghdad. There were three car bombs that blew up near government sites. At least 103 were killed and 197 wounded in the worst wave of violence in the capital in more than a month. A total of four attacks, which also included a suicide car bomb on a police patrol, showed the ability of insurgents to strike high-profile targets in the heart of Baghdad. It was another embarrassment to Iraqi forces in their expanding role as front-line security as American forces plan their /The blasts came as Iraqi officials prepared to announce the date for next year’s parliamentary elections – a move the security forces fear will bring an escalation in attacks to discredit their pro-Western government. br /Folks, this is not the Iraq War or the Afghanistan War. This is the war against Radical Islam. They attacked us here—remember 9-11? The war is a broad one and will continue for decades, unless we cut and run. Then it will come here.

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