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Time Magazine Iwo Jima

Time Magazine, in their 21 April issue, now says that the clearly disproven theory (not science) of global warming is of greater danger to us than is terrorism!!! Their cover takes the famous Joe Rosenthal photo of our marines planting the flag on Iwo Jima in WWII—and replaces the flag with a tree. If no one at Time noticed, WW II (and the war against the Islamofacists) involves real people with real weapons killing and trying to kill us. Global warming is a theory based on a quite old and flawed computer model. Try this, if you think I’m wrong. Google ‘global warming’ and look at the articles you find. Those that say GW is valid will be written by journalists; those that say the GW is questionable will be written, for the most part, by—scientists. This cover picture by Time is an insult to all Americans, and downplays the real danger of our time–terrorism. Time; the magazine for people who don’t’ think.

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