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Torture in Iraq

span style=”font-family:arial;”A compound that had served as an alQaida detention and torture facility was destroyed in March by a B1-B bomber using 6 x 500# GPS-guided bombs to level it—in Zambraniya, a village south of Baghdad. Terrorists had used the compound to hold and torture captives; a post-attack discovery showed handcuffs attached to walls, and bare wires plugged into electric outlets. There were also interrogation manuals. The destruction of the compound which was used to illegally detain, falsely convict, and torture innocent Iraqi civilians helps bring closure to family and friends of the vicitims. /spanbr /span style=”font-family:arial;”/spanbr /span style=”font-family:arial;”I wonder why we never hear about this in the media? If one of our great troops fires in self defense there are investigations and accusations and it’s all over the media. But when proof of the enemy torturing innocent civilians is uncovered, where are they? Why don’t you write a letter to the editor of your local paper and ask that question–if not you, then who?/span

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