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Trust me–they’re loners

Last week a radical Muslim shot and killed two American airmen at an airbase in Germany. We’re been reassured that this fellow in Frankfurt was most likely a “lone wolf”—to use the same words that Sen. Chuck Schumer used to described the Times Square Bomber. Or, perhaps he was merely an “isolated extremist”—as our president described the Christmas Day underpants-bomber. Oh, yes. The Radical Muslim US Army Major at Fort Hood, who killed many of his fellow soldiers, was a lone ranger, too.
There are many others. Indeed, there are so many of these “lone wolves” and “isolated extremists” you may sometimes wonder if they’ve all gotten together and joined Local 969 of the Federated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists, but don’t worry about it: As any Homeland Security official can tell you, “Allahu akbar” is Arabic for “I’m working alone.”

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