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Trying to fix Berkley, CA

It seems that the city government of Berkley, CA, just can’t control the hate that they have for our nation and it’s military. In January they formally condemned the US Marine Recruiting Station in the city and have called the marines stationed there unwelcome and unwanted intruders. They have given Code Pink (a band of real military haters) unlimited use of a parking space directly in front of the recruiting station expressly for the purpose of interfering with the /br /A number of businesses in the area have decided that they will no longer place orders of any kind with any business located within the boundries of the city. Indeed, Berkley is now a “Veterans No Spend Zone” according to local veterans /br /On Saturday, 22 March, there will be a Veterans amp; Friends march into the city. Proud Americans are meeting at 9 am at the Watergate Market, 2390 Powell St, Emeryville, CA. The ride (not just bikes) will leave at 10 am. Melanie Morgan, a strongly pro-veteran, pro-America leader in the area, will speak at noon. br /br /The contact person for this event is Doug Lyvere (a href=”” Please encourage any and all people you know in the area to join with Doug and his crew.

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