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US Embassy in Jerusalem

President Trump recently announced that, in accordance with a law passed a number of years ago, we will be moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. If you didn’t know it, since the Palestinians also claim Jerusalem as their capital, all nations with an embassy in Israel have it in Tel Aviv.

No Muslim nation has formally recognized Israel—though some, like Egypt and Jordan, do work peacefully with their neighbor. So, if you’re looking at the news, all Muslim governments and movements have condemned the move in the loudest possible way.

That said, the move is a great idea.

The so-called Hunt for Peace in the region desperately sought by everyone including the US and the UN has been a total farce. The Palestinians frequently say that they won’t be happy until they control everything and all Jews are dead—how does one find middle ground with that as a starting point?

The Palestinians and all of Islam have proclaimed that since Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam, it must be the capital of the Palestinian state. And everyone has been trying to find a way to make that happen peacefully—that’s why all embassies in Israel are elsewhere.

But research recently announced by Islamic scholars in Egypt now makes it clear that Jerusalem is NOT a holy city in Islam. And Trump’s timing I believe will lead us and the world into a real peace.

Nothing could more exemplify Trump’s strategic genius than to put an end to this game. He started by obliterating ISIS in Iraq and Syria; by going to the capital of Saudi Arabia, and telling a conference of Moslem world leaders right to their faces they will now ally with America in putting an end to Islamic terrorism; by supporting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an anti-Wahhabi revolution; and forging an alliance between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Now he’s put an end to the Moslem Myth of Jerusalem.

Announcing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel merely recognizes reality — both the historically, that Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people and faith since ancient times; and the modern reality that the city is the seat of government for Israel, housing its legislature, supreme court, prime minister, and executive agencies.  And this opens the floodgates of reality – for it states that Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab people ever.

Why do Muslims say Jerusalem is holy? The Arabic word for Jerusalem, isn’t in the Koran. Look up Sura (Chapter) 17 of the Koran. Here’s the point: The claim that Jerusalem is holy to the Moslems is based on the assertion that the “most distant mosque” in this chapter was in Jerusalem.  But there were no Muslems in Jerusalem during Mohammed’s life – they all were in Mecca and Medina – there couldn’t have been a mosque there when he had his vision—as recently proven by Egyptian Islamic scholars, so, that most-distant mosque had to be in Medina.

Thus the entire rationale for the Moslem claim that Mount Moriah, Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and the Jewish people’s most sacred site for 3,000 years, really belongs to Muslims has been demolished — by Moslem scholars. There is no legitimate Moslem claim to Jerusalem.

So, the Palestinian claim of Islamic holiness for Jerusalem – and therefore their capital– is bogus.

However, there is one more move required by our President. That is to use the right Arab word for “peace.” It turns out there are three Arab words for “peace.” Only one of them is for real—that’s the word “Suhl” which is peacefully living together. And it’s not the one they use at negotiations.

Salaam is the peace of submission. There is peace, salaam, among Moslems when they submit to Allah and the teachings of the Koran.  In other words, salaam is not the absence of violence as it is for us, but the absence of disobedience.
Just like it was for the Communists. In Lenin’s words: “As long as capitalism and Soviet socialism exist, we cannot live in peace. In the end, one or the other will triumph – a funeral dirge will be sung over the Soviet republic or over world capitalism.”
Compare Lenin’s words to those in the Koran: Fight and slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Seize them, confine them, lie in wait for them in every place of ambush.

Anwar Sadat in signing the Camp David Accord insisted on “salaam,” not “sulh,” in the Arabic version of the document. Thus Egypt could abandon the agreement.
If there is one thing Arabs respect, it is “the strong horse” – the man who won’t be fooled or intimidated, the man you don’t want to mess with. Trump is the Strong Horse; they know one when they see one.
Every American and Western politician and diplomat for almost 70 years has been spinning their wheels seeking peace in the Mideast. Not Trump. No BS for him. That’s why he really is the guy who could “bring peace to the Middle East.”
And that’s a great Christmas present to the whole world.

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