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US National Media is a disaster

It’s time for the National Media to start doing their job. Their job is to keep the US public aware of what the national (and state/local) government is doing. We’ve now had non-stop reporting about the Korean plane crash in San Francisco. Yes, it was very bad and deserved significant coverage—but non-stop, when there were important government issues? No sooner was that issue put down when it became time for non-stop reporting on the Zimmerman trial; again, that’s important, particularly since it was radicalized by the nation’s race-baiters and the media (and the President)—but non-stop for days at a time while there were critical national issues being ignored?

Remember Benghazi? Four Americans killed while our President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense did nothing. Lie after lie about who knew what and what options were available. The Congress is looking into this—but zero press coverage, so it will likely be just dropped as the Administration continues to stonewall.

Stonewall, like they did for Fast and Furious. Remember one US law enforcement person was killed (we won’t worry about the hundreds of Mexican citizens) during that US Department of Justice created gun-running program that gave hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug cartels? The US Attorney General was found in contempt of Congress; he’s still stonewalling. And the press coverage? Zero. The family of the dead border patrol agent still know nothing, but who cares?

There are many, many more issues, such as the government’s snooping into the media—and into our lives. The US foreign policy disaster in the Mideast—including both Syria and Egypt—both nations’ futures are still undecided—and we have no plan of any kind. The fact that we are so disrespected by the Afghan national government that they’re ignoring us—it’s said that the President is considering pulling everyone out soon and just abandoning the nation (the Zero Option); by the way, I favor this one—once our national policy was not to identify and name the enemy and then go after him wherever he is, I knew we’d totally lose—so why waste another American life? Oh, and the head of the US national intelligence who has been wrong on everything from Libya and Egypt to Syria—and he’s still a trusted member of our government.

Our troops have died and are dying while our nation has a totally inadequate foreign policy—and the media decides to spend their time making a non-racial incident (Zimmerman) into a racial incident.

Folks, the media is a for-profit business; as long as we keep watching and reading their junk—they can sell ads—and they make money. I’ve spoken to hundreds of vets from the current war; all, as in 100%, say that the news we see on TV has zero to do with the reality of what is going on there—they say that Fox gets it right maybe half the time; all the rest is crap. We need to cut the main-stream media out of our lives.

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