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Use of Our Military against Our Citizens

The administration has long been making preparations to use US Military forces against Americans in America. Things are getting worse–and no one is even mentioning it.

The president recently announced an effort to re-establish a law-enforcement group to prevent “homegrown terrorism,” according to a report in World Net Daily. This panel apparently will include representatives from the National Security Division of the Justice Department, the US Attorney General’s office, and the FBI. Reuters News Service and The Washington Times reported that the new panel, to be announced shortly, will focus on cases “that involve Americans who may be spurred to violence for political or prejudicial reasons.” The apparent goal is for the administration to then employ our military, DHS, and Special Weapons Para –military Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams that were created for no apparent reason in non-security related Federal Agencies against unrest by “domestic groups.” Thus, using our military in conjunction with other agencies to attack American citizens who may be merely using their First Amendment right to protest against their government.

For over 5 years, the current administration has been taking unusual steps to prepare to employ military force against we American Citizens; a Pentagon Directive was issued and tested in large scale military urban training exercises; these were reported over the last few years by upset citizens and the media around our nation. Pentagon Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” has provisions in it to use military force against domestic unrest. The directive was signed by then-Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn. A copy can be found on the Pentagon Web site at: “This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to be able to use force within the US against its citizens on the president’s orders,” said a defense official opposed to the directive. In a recent New York Times article it was reported that the Pentagon has developed programs to arm police departments in 38 states with grenade launchers, heavily armored mine resistant vehicles, silencers, flash grenades, 5.56 mm & 7.62 mm machine guns, equipment to detect buried mines, M-16 rifles, night vision goggles, etc. We sure haven’t needed such thing in the past; why now?

This latest initiative, designed to prevent “homegrown/domestic terrorism,” is consistent with this administration’s policies from the beginning to address concerns about domestic opposition to administration various policies. From the beginning of his first term, the president targeted conservatives in his campaign speeches to supposedly oppose domestic unrest. A then-newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warned of the possibility of violence by unnamed “right-wing extremists,” including opponents of abortion. Days later there was a report from the Missouri Information Analysis Center that warned law enforcement officials to watch out for individuals with “radical” ideologies based on Christianity and warned of the threat posed by returning Combat Veterans who were considered a danger to the Obama administration, and initiatives to prevent returning Combat Veterans being treated for PTSD from ever being able to own a firearm, which would be violation of their Second Amendment rights.

It appears that our government wants to be able to use our military personnel against our citizens–but they sure don’t trust us once we get out of the service. It’s time to be talking to your members of Congress.

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