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Vice Presidential Candidates

Now that we know who the two Vice Presidential candidates are, we can look at what they bring to the tables. Both have a son who is in the military. The Biden’s oldest son is the attorney general of Delaware and is a JAG officer in the Delaware National Guard. Palin’s oldest child enlisted in the active army infantry a year ago and deploys to Iraq next month. Both families seem to have values that encourage military service. Senator Biden’s long suit is the US Senate; he’s been there since he was 29; he’s held many important positions there, but has zero experience as an executive. Governor Palin has served as a mayor and a governor but has zero experience as a legislator. Both have served our nation honorably and well. It seems that, at the VP level, this is a battle between the ultimate insider and the ultimate outsider. Of course, the real choice is who we would have as president.

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